Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church

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вулиця Театральна, 11


Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church

You can see the first monument of Baroque architecture on Teatralnaya Street, next to the line of old walls of Lviv. The construction of the church is connected with the strengthening of the Jesuit Order in Poland, which spread in Lviv in 1584. Originally a wooden temple was built in 1608, then Jesuits opened a college in the temple, and later in 1630 completed the construction of the grand church of St. Peter and Paul by the design of the monks Lamkhius and Rahonius and architect Giacomo Briano.

The interior of the temple is decorated with sculptures, refined baroque altar and magnificent murals by Jan Pfister. When the Jesuit Order was liquidated in 1773, the church became a garrison temple of the Austrian army. Between 1946-2011 the temple was closed and converted into a book depository.  Today it is the current Garrison Temple of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Nowadays restoration of the interior is still ongoing and the underground museum was opened in the building of the church.


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