Scholtz-Wolfovych townhouse

  • Architecture
  • City center

23 Rynok Square


It is assumed that the Scholz-Wolfovych family originated from Silesia.

In Lviv, the family members reached the high point of a public career and belonged to the richest citizens. They owned several houses on the Rynok Square, but the most important one was the family palace near the Roman Catholic cathedral. It was built in the 1570s and decorated with numerous decors. Among the architectural fragments you should pay attention to the masks of Lviv citizens of those times, as well as the image of the devil and the blizzard. However, the most interesting is the sculptural composition "The baptism of Jesus Christ", located on the last floor of the house. In order to avoid paying additional taxes, the palace, like many other houses on the Rynok Square, has only three windows on its facade.

But to estimate the real wealth of the Kampian family, you should take a look at their palace from the side of the Katedralna Square.

                                                                                         Author Ihor Lylo
                                                                                         Translated by A. Kushch


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