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Revitalization in Lviv: from Pidzamche to Shevchenko

My name is Vika Olishevska, and in the KIVSH project I deal with the ecosystem and the program - I make sure that it is comfortable to be here and cooperate with both residents of the area and residents of the district. It is a well-established atmosphere of cooperation and creativity, thanks to which visitors will be interested in staying here and creating space with us. From yoga and breakfast, training and practice to evening discussions or parties and concerts. It's about the ecosystem. As for the program, I am responsible for organizing events and projects that are focal and central to our space. From the interaction of creators with schools to the development of the neighbourhood community and small online discussions.

фото Лізи Власенко


I have been doing similar topics for several years. It all started with IT management when I worked in the Lviv City Council. Then we looked for a place for an e-government forum and stopped at the location of the REMA plant in Pidzamche. We decided that it would be great to hold an event there that would be about the future, but at the same time show that the tomorrow is not telling about beautiful walls, but about content and people. REMA has become just such an example - you go into a scary room, but in fact, you will find cool studios and interesting people there. In the process of preparation, we held many workshops, meetings with neighbours and realized how powerful the atmosphere there was. This was my first step in revitalizing with creative tools. Subsequently, together with the Department of LMD Development, we formed the initiative "Factories of ideas" - from the online promotion of revitalization to large event Factory Day, which was attended by specialists from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Austria and Georgia, as well as situational projects with the former Meat Plant and those.

It is important to understand that there is still a significant obstacle in such processes - most factories in the 90s became private, and their owners are not always interested in registering locations in the city, so pull them to demolition/sale/construction or rent premises very cheaply rent to too many different businesses. In any case, I am convinced that industrial space should be included in the landscape of the city because otherwise, it turns into grey spots.

фото Лізи Власенко


The Pidzamche theme has been running for at least five years. It is a question of qualitative changes in a certain period and gentrification, which creates conflicts between old and new residents. Therefore, such processes are very ambiguous. Some experts say that former residents are involved in the development of such places, they can be workers of these places or bearers of history. Residents really should have used the revitalized space, although it is clear that they should be offered a push to do so. At REMA, everything was limited to an invitation mainly to the outdoor area, when, thanks to the City Workshop, we installed outdoor furniture there.

фото Лізи Власенко


For example, Pidzamche is a historical and industrial district, which was mostly cut off from the centre of Lviv, which made people feel abandoned. This is still read in the identity of the residents. In the area of ​​Shevchenko Street, where we now work, such a problem is not evident. But the thing is that the formed identity of the district is also not traced there. This is the question we are currently working on at KIVSH: "Is it easier to form an identity from scratch, or to work with an already formed one?". And the following is also clear - we are not going to level the history or avoid the spirit of Lviv as a modern city.

фото Лізи Власенко


In my opinion, they are unlikely to go to Lviv to get to the same! FESTrepublic. Although on the other hand, Ivano-Frankivsk Promprylad. Renovation is a potent argument to come to Frankivsk for the first time. Therefore, for Lviv and tourists with creative spaces - except to make a tour of such points. Suppose a person goes to Lviv because he will understand the content saturation: at! FESTrepublic he will get to a party, at KIVSH - to an urbanist's lecture, and at Jam Factory Art Center - to an exhibition.


- Will there be a gallery in KIVSH?

- It must be. I will not say what scale, but we are already taking steps in this direction.

- Will KIVSH be interesting for foreign tourists?

- I think so because at least we will have a place to hang out. But here everyone will have something to do. We want to see different people, but we want to see individual tourists first of all.

-Will beer be brewed?

-No beer. Although I can't say now what exactly will be there in five years. However, the fact that everything will be in a creative spirit is apparently.

-Will there be a KIVSH transport stop?

-We really wanted her to be. It's great to make a tram stop nearby.

-What shouldn't be like REMA?

-In fact, we have already learned from that experience. So first, we have no uncertainty. Because no one knows what will happen to the REMA plant tomorrow, the unknown owner has vague plans. Because of this, several anchor companies have already left. Second, the problem with REMA was the lack of direct influence of residents on strategic decisions throughout the space. Therefore, it is apparent that now we at KIVSH have a clear concept even regarding the selection of residents. It should also be understood that ReZavod is a totally grassroots initiative, supported by semi-volunteer principles. It was not always a priority for people, and they did it in their free time.

-Would KIVSH be without the REMA plant in your experience.

-No, it wouldn't be.

-How do you want to see your neighbours?

-I would like to see different neighbours because a modern city is a variety. I want such dynamics, cooperation and change. We have not always observed this openness in our neighbours in Pidzamche. Now, I hope, we will be able to prepare them for dialogue.


Victoria Olishevska, KIVSH program and ecosystem

Oleksiy Fedak, Tourism Development Center

Lisa Vlasenko, photographer


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