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Around the Synagogue Space: Walking Through the Common Legacy of Lviv

Lviv is one of the most famous historical cities to tour in Ukraine. Its intriguing yet complex history has been made at the intersections for different borders, which for centuries divided and combined the experiences of being in different regions, the consequences of social and political changes, and also the radical experiments of the world wars (especially in World War II).

Its population has almost changed completely.
This complex story has left the city with a great multicultural heritage that is now very attractive to tourists and is the pride of Lviv citizens.
It is also important to understand that this heritage is a rich, ambiguous, confusing and multidimensional local heritage and is important to Ukrainians, but also to the Poles and Jews who lived in this city.

Around the Synagogue Space, project aims to create tourist routes that offer a glimpse of the city`s past as a common heritage - Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Soviet, European.

Around the Synagogue Space Memorial and Public Complex, located in the historic center of Lviv, is an initiative to honor the history of Jews in Lviv. It is also here to help better understand the common urban history and shared heritage of Lviv residents for visitors.

In 2016, the first part of the public space was opened. It includes the preservation of the remnants of the Golden Rose Synagogue, marking the foundation of the Beit Hamidrash Jewish House of Education, and the creation of a memorial installation "Perpetuation" with translations in Ukrainian, English, Hebrew, Polish, Yiddish, German, French, Dutch, and Russian.


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