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Where to “go” in Lviv during the quarantine

Anastasiia Hirzekorn, Anna Mariia Samson


The quarantine is rather stressful than pleasant, it changes the lifestyle of each person and society in general. But we should remain positive, as unlike our great-grandparents, we have the Internet and it is a great opportunity not only to work remotely, but also to study and even travel!

Online Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre

Despite the quarantine, you can enjoy an opera or ballet performance following the link.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, one of the performances from the theatre repertoire will be available for viewing during 24 hours.

Walking around Skansen in quarantine is possible virtual, and although it will not replace a real walk, but the landscape will be from above, as well as you can "explore" other Ukrainian open sky museums without getting out of the couch.

And if you still have not been to the department of the History Museum, it is not a problem, just turn on your imagination and view the exposition.

In addition, the interactive online museum "Vidvidai" is a unique opportunity to see the museums of Lviv region from anywhere in the world (website in UKR only).

For music lovers, the Organ Hall has live streaming of the concerts on its YouTube channel and Facebook page. All concerts will be streamed without the public.

The Les Kurbas Theater offers video versions of its performances (UKR only). There you can watch "Dreams" by Fyodor Dostoevskyi, "Between Two Forces" by Volodymyr Vynnychenko, "The Court of Henry III" (second act) and "Marusia Churai" by Lina Kostenko and many others.

The "Both People and Dolls" Theater offers to view its play "Divine Comedy ... Andante" online.


If you are already totally bored to sit in front of your computer, we offer a bonus video from Lviv Puppet Theater and DodoSocks. Simple tips that help you create a doll using just socks and improvised materials within minimal time. It is a kind of a "puppet theatre". And then just use your fantasy: you can play with your kids, make videos for TikTok or create a home theatre.


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