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Lviv`s craft beer and delivery at home

Danylo Yurchyk


We all have hobbies, the absence of which creates discomfort and a sense of satisfaction, because many of our hobbies have become habits. This is especially true for Lviv people who drink coffee with their friends, buy their favorite sweet in their favorite pastry shop, or get together with friends for a Friday beer - an unwritten law, because it is the Lviv mentality - to be friendly and open to socializing, to love coffee, beer and sweets, though who doesn't like them.

Unfortunately, this discomfort was made possible by the COVID - 19 pandemic. Forced self-isolation and quarantine have made significant adjustments to our everyday life, forcing us to adapt to important changes. We need to understand the gravity of the situation and put up with it, and of course look for substitutes for things that are familiar to us.

For example, a hike with your friends over coffee can be replaced with a video or a banal phone call, conveniently having a coffee at home under a plaid. Instead of buying your favorite sweet, why not try making it yourself? What about beer with your friends after a hard day? Why not bring your favorite beer home, set up a video conference and have a great time (if your relatives and neighbors allow it) to sit?

We would like to tell you about the pros and cons, services and methods of delivering craft beer today.

Let's start with the bad things that can make us sad when we drink craft beer at home.


- Beer may end (the main drawback, because the favorite pub will run out of money sooner)

- Snak may end. (not critical, but creates discomfort and makes you experiment)

- Family, neighbors. (not everyone will understand the depth of your soul and not everyone will share your love, including beer)

- Having to go over, it can "pull on adventures" (CONSUME RESPONSIBLY).


- No need to go home (a super essential plus that you will really appreciate)

- No need to choose clothes (your style - home slippers and trousers, well, if you really want, you can wear a suit or dress)

- You can disappear at any time (tired friends? Tired? Just turn off the video by referring to internet problems)

- Pub atmosphere at home (lots of free time is a place for creativity. Create your best pub at home where you, family, soulmate or even pet - a waiter or bartender

- Institution support (at this difficult time for business you will be able to save your favorite pub from closing by ordering beer online)

So, Lviv pubs where you can order beer delivery straight home:

Drunken Duck

Drunken Duck is a popular Lvivian weekend getaway and specializes in delivering craft beer in PET bottles and its own range of burgers, snacks, fried wings and salads. Cranes - Camps, stouts, firs and pickles from Ukrainian brewers. The facility also cooperates with “RAKETA”, “Glovo”, “Uber Eat” delivery networks and has its own delivery service.

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+380 (93) 585 07 20

Address: 45, Rogatyntsiv street

Working hours: 12:00 – 22:00


Tsypa Craft Pub is a Hutsul brewery that brews both traditional "Carpathian" beer and delicious lager, fir and stout. The peculiarity of traditionally beer is the names that correspond to the peaks of the Carpathians. Also, sour beer lovers will have something to try - a large selection of "sour" beer on berries and even cucumber and cabbage. The menu also includes Hutsul dishes and pizza. Beer is poured into PET containers and own branded 0.33 bottles. Beer can be purchased for take-out, as well as via taxi delivery services


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+380 (98) 208 20 20

Address: 1, Stefana Yaworskoho square

Working hours: 12:00 – 20:00

Choven (Boat)

One of the most popular pubs on Virmenska street is also working on delivery. There are 9 types of craft beer and pizza on the menu. Beer in plastic containers delivers “RAKETA”, “Glovo” and “Uber Eats” on the way.


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+380 (98) 116 69 55

Address: 33, Virmenska street

Working hours:  14:00 – 20:00

Zalizna Shapka (Iron hat)

A beer pub for lovers of delicious snacks and live music together with the pizzeria "White Moose" will also bring beer and "to beer" home. In a liter container you can buy cider, four beers, as well as burgers, pizzas, and chicken wings. The establishment works with its own delivery.

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+380 (68) 303 77 88

Address: 23, Teatralna street

Working hours: 12:00 – 02:00

Bierlin Lemberg

Visible outside the constant crowd of visitors to the pub, Lemberg also went online. Discount beer and snacks can be purchased by phone or by posting on the Facebook page. The pub delivers the order on its own, so it should be made in advance. Delivery is possible within a radius of +- 3 kilometers from the pub.

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+380 (32) 261 15 71

Address: 18, Chaikovskogo street

Working hours: 12:00 – 23:00

Bratyska (Brotherly)

Young pub on Kryva Lypa passage, which has quickly gained popularity with its large range of beers and snacks and a casual atmosphere, is also working on delivery. Here you can choose about 15 draft beers, 25 bottles, as well as snacks - burgers, wings, chips and salads. Deliver beer through “Uber Eats” and their own if you are not in the delivery area. You can also pick up beer directly at the establishment.

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Online menu

+380 (68) 598 73 32

Address: 11, Kryva Lypa passage

Working hours: 13:00 – 19:00

Pravda Beer Theatre

One of the largest in the city and the most popular among tourists Lviv pub could not leave connoisseurs without delivery. The Pravda brewery delivers its craft beer which is constantly updated in glass glasses with a lid, also here is a huge assortment of bottle beer and an opportunity to order delivery from any establishment in the network! FEST-Local. It is possible to order delivery with “Glovo” service

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+380 (50) 374 49 86, +380 (67) 637 14 44

Address: 32, Rynok square

Working hours: 10:00 – 21:00


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