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We continue with the quarantine coffee mania column and this time we asked KREDENS CAFÉ team for coffee brewing tips. We remind you that the cafe continues operating remotely. You can get online barista support or just order coffee beans delivery.

Professionals shared with us how to fulfil the desire for cappuccino or latte and to make your favourite drink at home:

Imagine that one day the access to a cafe was blocked, and that’s it, as it was in “Under the Dome” by Stephen King. There are baristas who work inside and people who want coffee outside. Actually, we don’t even need to imagine it as this is our reality.

A morning cappuccino has already become a special ritual for many our quests. It is almost impossible to deliver a hot drink, especially with latte art. Therefore, we put the idea of online customer support into practice: let's talk to our audience via the Telegram channel and teach them how to make coffee at home! Now, all our best baristas dress their leisurewear and drink coffee with customers via Zoom or Skype so that they even don’t need to leave home.

We remind and also create different ways of coffee brewing and milk frothing. Do you know that it is possible to froth milk in a French press? Yes, a barista knows it, but normally people don’t prepare cappuccino with the nice foam at home because they think that it requires a special expensive machine. Even more, our barista figured out how to froth milk just in the bottle. It is even easier! Do you have coffee beans at home but you don’t know where to grind them as the cafes are closed? Grind them in a blender! Of course, it is unprofessional. But who talks about professionalism?! This is about a survival course. Some kind of coffee DIY (Do it Yourself).

Baristas make videos from their homes, where they explain different coffee brewing methods: in a cezve, a geyser coffee maker, we talk about the V60, Cold brew, Kalita Wave, French press, AeroPress, Chemex... There are also many methods invented only in 2017-2019, for example, the Cafflano Classic. It is a compact device that looks like a thermos, but it also has a coffee grinder and a strainer inside to make coffee. It is very convenient both for traveling and at home.

Usually, there is not enough time in the café to share all the information, so we try to do it now. It is some kind of KREDENS CAFÉ education: Why only Arabica? How many cups of coffee can you drink daily? Can moms drink coffee while breastfeeding? What is the difference between filtered coffee and Americano?

The most popular coffee drinks in our café network are cappuccino and latte. And it’s extremely difficult to get them during the quarantine. Therefore we would like to share the recipes with you and hope it will help you to survive.


How to make cappuccino at home?

Step 1. Prepare 30 ml of espresso or strong concentrated coffee (brewed, for example, in a geyser coffee maker).

Step 2. Heat 150 ml of milk. The ideal temperature is 65 degrees. If the milk is hotter than 70 degrees, then you lose the sweetness, and if it is colder, then the taste of the drink will be very milky.

Step 3. Fill the French press halfway and insert the plunger.

Step 4. Hold the lid and make five quick movements from the bottom to the top of the French press using the plunger, so you fill the milk with air. Then reduce the amplitude and move the plunger inside the milk without trying to catch more air as if you were preparing an eggnog. Usually you need 10 seconds for frothing.





Step 5. As foam is on top and you need to mix it with all the milk for the latte art, pour the milk from the French press into another vessel (cup, pitcher) and back. You can repeat it several times. We need to get the milk with yogurt consistency and no bubbles on the surface.

Step 6. Pour milk into the coffee. It is difficult to describe the latte art technique here. Visit our channel where you will see video instructions. The main thing is not to rush while pouring the milk and let the foam get into your cup at the very end. This is how you create the picture.

To make a latte, you simply need to take more milk (250 ml) and repeat the same procedure as with cappuccino. If you have no French press, then watch our YouTube video, where we tell how to froth the milk in a bottle. Everything is really simple.

Take care of your health and your loved ones. Stay in a good mood and keep the positive atmosphere at home. Although we are far away, we need each other like never before. Our thoughts are with you. And soon, we will meet up with friends and family in the café as it was before and we will share all incredible stories with each other. And a cup of coffee will be our warm delicious accompaniment.


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