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Quarantine coffee by the iconic Virmenka Coffee House

Oleksii Fedak


Today, we talked with Miroslav, one of the top baristas at the famous Virmenka Coffee House, about the right way to make coffee at home. We will try to share the most extraordinary secrets of brewing.

We know for sure that many locals and travellers are longing for their beloved drink brewed in a cezve.

Why should you choose coffee brewed in a cezve?

In a cezve, we brew real coffee: dense, delicious and fragrant. This is the so-called «live coffee». Brewing it this way helps to preserve all beneficial properties. It is also one of the first coffee brewing methods that appeared in Lviv.

What should you do if you don’t have any cezve at home? What kind of cezve to choose?

You should choose a cezve with a broad bottom and a very narrow neck because this form allows you to brew coffee with a special foam that prevents fragrances from evaporating. It is believed that the most delicious coffee can be obtained in a copper cezve. This is explained by the fact that copper has a high thermal conductivity, which allows the metal to warm coffee up quickly and evenly. By the way, you can buy a cezve to make coffee at the Virmenka Coffee House.

What should pay attention to while preparing coffee?

First and foremost - the type of beans. To make delicious coffee take well-roasted arabica. Water is also important. It is recommended to be soft.

And what about the ratio of coffee to water?

Preparation takes 3-4 minutes. Proportions: 10 grams of coffee - 100 grams of water (1:10). In particular, the water should be at room temperature. Sugar can also be added to the sweet drink at the stage of pouring coffee into the cezve. An important factor is that the coffee should not boil. Bring it to a pre-boil temperature (90 °C).

The good news is that from 20th April you can visit the coffee house «Virmenka» to enjoy coffee brewed in cezve or a fragrant and curative liqueur. So far, we only prepare coffee for take-out. Look forward to noisy evenings and having coffee with our visitors.

You can also order a ready-made coffee «Virmenka Mixture» for brewing it in the cezve by a courier who will deliver it with all sanitary standards. Telephone number: +380 (96) 529 07 22.

We would like to remind you that in previous publications we tried to figure out the proper rules of making coffee at home and resumed for You some tips on how to make your favourite cappuccino and latte.


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