• Lviv during the quarantine

Leisure with children at home

We know what to do when you are quarantined with kids!

The constant question is how to entertain your kids at home during the quarantine? We have some tips!

Try to colour Lviv, maybe in your imagination the Opera House should have a different color. The scientists claims that such leisure activity reduce stress and is a useful exercise for mental health. Or just download and print some images from Google.

There is nothing as interesting for children as board games! As it is not possible to travel to Lviv right now, and virtually you have already managed to visit all the corners of the city, it is time to move on to the next stage - we will offer you board games about Lviv that you can play at home:

"Traveling in Lviv" aims to tell a brief history of the city's most interesting places. There are also versions of "Traveling in Ukraine" and "Traveling in Lviv Region" (only in UKR language). To buy click here.

"Business in Lviv" is a kind of monopoly on Lviv style (only in UKR language). To buy click here.

We wish everyone health and fun quarantine at home with your kids!


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