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Charming Lviv or Road Trip around Lviv Region

Diana Horodnytska


If you are planning a long business trip, what can be better than spend time in the charming Lviv region?  All know that Lviv is an interesting and historic city that attracts tourists with its medieval architecture, delicious coffee, and warm atmosphere.   But did you know what tourism potential Lviv Region offers you?

For you, we have made a 4-day itinerary with beautiful places in Lviv region.

The first part of our trip will show you the fascinating nature and part of the history of Lviv region.

On the first day, we recommend visiting the fortress town of Tustan - a monument of architecture, nature, and archeology of national importance that has no analogues in Europe (IX-XVI centuries). This is a place where every tourist can become part of the culture of the Ukrainian Middle Ages.

Here you will see the picturesque scenery that our creative nature has painted. In addition to the remnants of the rockiest fortress, the complex includes the adjoining territory - the Boyko village of Urych, which also houses two modern interactive museums - Tustan Museum and Local History and Ethnography Museum "Khata v Hlybokomu". (House in Hlyboke village).

Every year the Middle Ages come to life in Tustan, thanks to the `Tu-Stan` Festival` ! Within a few days, the festival organizers recreate a true medieval city with all its entertainment, crafts, markets and more. In 2014, they introduced a complete 3D model of all five timber construction periods. You need to download a special application and point it to the fortress so you will see augmented reality.

Then we invite you to visit the picturesque village, which is surrounded by the mountains - Slavske. The village has a well-developed infrastructure for both winter and summer recreation. There are several small ski resorts with slopes of varying difficulty. If your vacation is in the summer, then we recommend that you go up the mountain to enjoy the magical view. We recommend you relax in a hot tub on the herbs, try authentic Carpathian cuisine and local brews. Slavske also offers extreme activities, such as traveling on mountain rides on ATVs or local cars.

There are numerous hotels, boarding houses, private estates in the village, so we recommend staying here for the night, as it can be more beautiful in the morning in the mountains. Hotels and restaurants that are in demand among Lviv local people and tourists: `Golden Trout` (`Zolota Forel`), `Bear Tower` (`Vezha Vedmezha`), `Slovianochka`, `Zakhar Berkut`. 


The next day, wake up as early as possible, enjoy the mountains, savor Carpathian tea and get ready for the second day of the journey. Returning to Lviv, you should visit the Skolivski Beskydy National Park, where the geological natural monument is located - Kamianka Waterfall. The waterfall was formed in a rock break, the water here is incredibly clear and very cold. There are also many establishments where locals will gladly treat you with homemade food, as well as many shops, souvenir shops, where you can buy home-made honey, mushrooms, fillings, and other products.

Do not be lazy and climb the forest to Crane Lake. At the top, in the middle of the forest is a magic lake with a large content of hydrogen sulfide and very cold water, and as a result, there is no fish, so the locals call the lake - dead lake.

To look at wild animals from close range to pet a wolf or an alpaca, to feed monkeys and all this is possible at the Limpopo Zoo near Lviv, on the same road that leads to the Carpathians. Visiting the zoo is not only an opportunity to look at wild animals but also to relax from the city bustle. Limpopo Zoo is interesting for both children and adults, because the zoo is extremely large, with about 400 species of animals living there. Among the most interesting here are capybaras, raccoons, wolves, leopards, lynx, jaguars, a family of bears and many monkeys. Each cell also has a detailed description of the animal, its species and its history. You can book a guided tour of the zoo, or take a walk yourself. There is also a seating area and a small café.

On the way back to dinner, we advise you at the largest Ukrainian restaurant of Galician cuisine - "Hungry Nicholas". The interior of the establishment makes you feel like a real Cossack. The colourful interior is complemented by delicious Ukrainian dishes. The highlight of the restaurant is the double lake, one part is in the yard, the other inside the establishment. In the lake swims live trout, which the visitor can catch himself, using a fishing rod to your dinner.

The second half of your journey will be more educational and spiritual. On the third day, we advise you not to delay and leave Lviv early, because the next route will be even more interesting.



Only 75 kilometers from Lviv preserved part of Ukrainian and European history - Olesko Castle. The harsh, cold walls of this castle have kept the secrets of kings for hundreds of years, and tourists come here in search of new, exciting experiences. The building is considered to be one of the oldest fortresses in Ukraine of the time of Kyiv Rus. The first historical references to the castle date back to 1327. The castle now houses a museum that houses over 1500 exhibits, including many Ukrainian icons, wooden sculptures, marble busts of Queen Barbara Radziwill, a portrait of tycoon Mykola Vasyl Potocki, and others. A charming place filled with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Not far from the castle is located an interesting themed restaurant "Hrydnytsa". Its concept is a vivid stylization of a certain historical era, an attempt to recreate its extraordinary spirit, the fullness of life. Especially popular are the author's holiday programs and, of course, delicious cuisine.

You may have heard that the famous adventure movie "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers" was shot in a castle in Lviv region. The shooting took place in Pidhirtsi Castle, and we recommend that you visit it next. It is considered a monument of late Renaissance and Baroque architecture. It is located in Pidhirtsi village, 13 km from Olesko.

The shape of the Pidhirtsi castle resembles a square about 100 meters long. From three sides - east, south, and west - it is surrounded by five-angled bastions and a deep moat. The area around the castle is also wonderful, where you can walk and admire the palace from afar. The Pidhirtsi castle  is not inferior to the French Versailles.

Not far from Pidhirtsi Castle is another local landmark of spiritual enrichment. Sviato-Uspenska Univska Lavra  is one of the oldest monastery complexes of Ukraine, the center of the monastic life of monks. A unique architectural ensemble-monument located in Univ village in the Peremyshlyany district of Lviv region. 

Returning to Lviv, you will pass Vynnyky village, where there is a wonderful restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "Svyatoslav". 

If you want to have a delicious dinner on the way to Lviv, you will definitely like this establishment. Waiters in ancient national Ukrainian costumes will serve you Galician dishes.

On the last day in Lviv region we suggest to spend no less exciting time. 

If you are a true animal lover, we encourage you to visit the bear shelter `Domazhyr`. A rehabilitation center for bears, who once performed in circuses or lived in captivity, is located 15 kilometers from Lviv. Here, the conditions for keeping animals are as close to natural as possible, which contributes to the restoration of instincts and behavior. Each bear has its enclosure of at least 1 thousand square meters. There are 6 bears in the shelter.  Regularly, the shelter hosts excursions and activities related to the zoological and environmental activities of our region.

The next location we have chosen for you is a special place, it is called "Ukrainian Jerusalem". Stradch is one of the most ancient Ukrainian Christian shrines of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.  Stradetsky cave monastery is unique in that it has remained almost unchanged since its settlement. It is a long underground corridor with several branches, carved with niches serving the monks of the cells, and a small cave church. A unique, special place where you can pray, relax and be spiritually enriched. 

At the end of your journey, we offer no less interesting place. Krekhiv Monastery is located only 35 kilometers from Lviv. The pearl of the monastery is the stone church. The Krekhiv monastery was a powerful cultural and spiritual center, which it is today. Here you can walk the vast territory of the monastery where the linden tree grows, to see the three miraculous icons that have survived to this day, to pray in the stone church that was built in the 18th century. Not far from the monastery, in the forest, there is a healing spring of the Virgin Mary.    

On the last evening in Lviv, we recommend many themed establishments where you can have a delicious dinner and have fun. 

Themed Cafe Fiksazh - Ancient Photographic Engineering Museum. You can enjoy sweets here, but you can also enjoy a guided tour or watch old movies.  The cafe owner is a passionate collector of vintage cameras and movie cameras. There are more than 1000 of them in his collection, some of which you can see in the cafe. For real photo connoisseurs, this coffee shop is a godsend. 

A colourful Jewish corner in the heart of Lviv is a restaurant “Under the Golden Rose”. The menu includes hummus, forshmak, and many other themed dishes. “highlight” of the establishment is a menu without prices. You order at your own risk.  And when the waiter brings a bill (in several times overstated), your task is to bargain with any method. You can tell anecdotes, dance or play. The more you interest the public around, the smaller the amount in your bill.

The most expensive Galician restaurant - Masons. There are many "highlights" in this establishment. You will see the first of them at the entrance when you knock on the usual Lviv apartment and the door will be opened by Mr. Petro in his home robe and will say that there is no restaurant. But he will keep going to talk to you and will take you to a real restaurant with expensive furniture and exquisite dishes. With the next interesting `highlight`, you will come across the menu - the prices here are 90% more expensive than at any other establishment.

Therefore, you should take care of having a special card that gives a 90% discount at this restaurant. And this is not all the "highlights" of the restaurant. 

"Gas Lamp" - Museum-restaurant, which was created in honor of the invention of the gas lamp. It was created in Lviv by Lukashevych and Zech, who meet guests at the entrance. Here is the second largest collection of gas lamps in Europe, numbering 528 types. In the interiors of the halls, you can trace the evolution of the gas lamp. The cuisine here is European.

In the interiors of the halls, you can trace the evolution of the kerosene lamp. The cuisine here is European. The original serving of dishes that they use utensils for chemical inventions (beakers, test tubes). And the staff will surprise you with a pyrotechnic show.   

So, from this article, you probably understood what Lviv region is historical, natural-fairy-tale, spiritually enriched, interesting and diverse.

For sure, you should also visit the pearl of Lviv region - it`s Lviv city. And here we will also help you with recommendations on what to do in Lviv 1 day and more information in the article.


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